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Listen ya’ll! The struggle is real when you are a photographer in Northern Utah, and NO I’m not talking about the fact that Utah has about 8 billion photographers. I get so tired though of driving an hour to an hour and a half to get down to the ‘cool’ spots as I like to call them. In other words, the locations that every damn photographer and their mother knows about in Utah. The ones that every client wants to go to because they are blasted all over Pinterest. It’s hard to find spots closer to the Northern side of Utah, but it is possible. Here is my top secret….not so secret, list of Northern Utah Photography locations that will make your jaw drop. While you are here be sure to check out a few of my favorite spots in Southern Utah as well!

Antelope Island

Antelope Island is one of the best and not so well kept secrets for photography locations in Northern Utah. It can get quite busy but is my go-to if I am looking for more desert “beach” vibes. There’s a 15-dollar fee per vehicle to enter the park. I typically prefer to meet my clients at the parking lot, just outside the pay station, and ride together to avoid too many fees. It’s also important to note that the park does require a permit to take photos. A few of my favorite spots to take photos within the park are Lady Finger, Buffalo Point, and White Rock Trail. All of these spots provide very unique backgrounds and make for some beautiful engagement and even bridal photos. Sidebar, you’ll likely even get the opportunity to pet some Buffalo….just kidding! Whatever you do…DO NOT pet the buffalo, no matter how many tourists you see trying to. They may try to creep on your photos, though. I swear every time I am out there one slide right into the shot! Another point to note is the bugs at Antelope Island are terrible during different times of the year. Be sure to check out their website to see if there are any active bug warnings before you head out.

Old Snow Basin Rd

This one is a little more interesting to find if you’re not from Utah or understand the backstory of the road to Snow Basin. Long story short the first road that was built to get people up to Snow Basin ski resort was sketchy AF, and couldn’t withstand the amount of traffic that the resort was bringing in. Thus, they decided to build a new road which became known as Trappers Loop. The old road, now labeled “Old Snow Basin Road”, (with good reason) has since been forever closed. That doesn’t stop us photographers though. If you follow the road to Art Nord Trail it will lead you to a parking lot where you can meet your clients. From there the world is literally your oyster. Do you want vibrant pictures in a field full of trees, cozy couples photos on a bridge, mountain top overlooks, or playful photos on the road? Whatever it is you’ve got it at this location. Just note if you lay on the road make sure to not get run over by a cyclist doing mock 100 down the hill.

Trappers Loop

Located in the same area as Old Snow Basin road is the new road that goes all the way to the ski resort. This road is called Trappers Loop. This is a fairly busy pass located between Mountain Green and Huntsville. I could lead you to an exact location but literally, every pull-out has immaculate views. You can’t go wrong with this location. Turns out, Utah knows how to place a road right in the middle of beautiful, lush, green mountains. When I shoot at this location, I always have my clients meet me in Mountain Green at the Sinclair gas station. From there they can then follow me up to the spot I chose.

Trappers loop in Snow Basin area. A great Northern Utah photography location

Tunnel Springs Park

I am going to preface this paragraph by saying, “Tunnel Springs Park is gorgeous, don’t get me wrong”. However, it is definitely my last resort on this list. Why? Well, just go ahead and take a trip out there and you will instantly understand. The amount of photographers that flock to this location is sheer madness! If you are looking for a location that will provide a neutral background with some distant mountains, tall grasses, rolling hills, and that is still close to the city then this spot is for you. Just be prepared to have to edit people out of your photos. If you still don’t believe me just Youtube Tunnel Springs Park in Utah.


Alright, I know we said we are looking for locations that are not an hour’s drive from Northern Utah. Hear me out on this one though. The worst part about living further North is that we miss out on all the incredible cliffs and red rock areas that places like St. George and Moab have to offer. So, when you find the opportunity to only have to drive a little over an hour and capture a hint of red rock you take it! This location is located in the desolate town of Echo. Just take the Echo exit from I-84 and you will find this little side road. There will occasionally be a car or two, so be on the lookout. However, it generally remains pretty calm out this way.

Old Gas Station

If you decide to take photos out at Echo stopping at this old gas station on the way back is a must. This gas station may be super old and abandoned, but it makes for the cutest backdrop for a fun and eclectic couple. This location is definitely more of a hidden gem, and not one people think would make for a cute spot. If you are looking for Northern Utah photography locations you won’t want to miss out on this one though!


June 28, 2022

Northern Utah Photography Locations you won’t want to forget

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