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Hey, what’s up guys?! My name is Kailah. I am a Wyoming native, living out my dreams in the Utah area. I am always on the run to experience new locations, and see the incredible beauty the world has to offer. No seriously traveling is like crack for me! When I’m not documenting your love story I’m arguing with my 2 year old (he usually wins), ordering my third iced snickerdoodle breve with softtop from Dutch Bros for the day, or on a golf course pretending I am in the PGA. I am here to make sure we capture all those beautiful romantic moments, and don't miss a single minute of your wild ride! No matter what type of session you book expect it to be an adventure full of laughs and good times. 

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We all know those moments. For just a second, time stands still. When you’re forced to close your eyes and appreciate every passing breath, feeling, and sound. The ones when you open your eyes and realize it’s gone and passed, all too quickly. That’s where I come in! I seek to preserve those breathless times, and help you recall the feeling you had while you were in it. When you look back at your photos, I want you to remember the crashing of the waves on the rocks, the wind blowing through your hair, and the intensity of love you never thought possible. Your story is as unique as you are as a couple, and it deserves to be told exactly how you remember it!

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Our pictures are insane what the heck! I am literally so excited to have them all over. I want to print off every single one of them and just put them everywhere. Kailah is so talented. We are seriously obsessed. I am literally saving every single one thinking it's my new fav. NOPE! It's the next one. Thank you again so so much. We love our pictures and we love you!

Ben & Peyton

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I can't say enough about how much I love our photos. I'm in tears. Kailah made the whole experience so fun and easy going. We were a little worried it would be so weird and blah, but she was amazing! I cannot thank her enough, and I am so glad I found her. Definitely will have to book another session!

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Our photos are amazing!!! Everyone I've shown them to has been super impressed! Thank you so much for doing them for us!

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Hear me out. If you haven't considered eloping now's the time. Why elope you ask. Well, let me explain it to you! Imagine standing on a cliff near the ocean's water. Wind blowing through your hair and the love of your life standing in front of you. Saying the words that mean the most to you with the person you will be with forever! Oh and of coarse, imagine the ultimate cliff jumping as newly weds into the salty waters below!! Epic right?

Take the pressure off saying the words that mean the most to you in front of a crowd of friends and family, and just BE with the one you love in the time of your life. THAT'S how you create memories you will never forget and photos you will cherish forever!

No one will support you more in your once-in-a-lifetime journey than me! Whether you need someone to be your best friend, adventure buddy, professional tour guide, personal snack partner in crime I got you!

If eloping sounds like it's right for you I do offer discounts for certain locations. Reach out to me to inquire for more information!

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