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Salt Flats Wedding Beau+Reagan

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Salt Flats Wedding Beau+Reagan

Because these moments are too good to miss

We all know those moments. For just a second, time stands still. When you’re forced to close your eyes and appreciate every passing breath, feeling, and sound. The ones when you open your eyes and realize it’s gone and passed, all too quickly. That’s where I come in! I seek to preserve those breathless times. You may not be able to re-live that exact second, but I hope to help you recall the feeling you had while you were in it. When you look back at your photos, I want you to remember the crashing of the waves on the rocks, the wind blowing through your hair, and the intensity of love you never thought possible. We all know life goes by entirely too fast, it’s time to capture every moment so you can hold on to it for a lifetime!

and all the adventures in between

Hey, I'm Kailah, And I can't Wait to tell your Story!

Hey, what’s up guys?! My name is Kailah. I am a Wyoming native, living out my dreams in the Utah area. I am always on the run to experience new locations, and capture the beauty and love this world has to offer. When I’m not documenting your love story I’m stepping on Legos, and trying to convince my 2 year old to eat something…anything! You can often find me in the mountains camping with my husband, two dogs, and favorite little guy, or, on a golf course pretending I am in the PGA. My main goal is to give back the feelings you had when you were in the moment of your life. No matter what type of session you book expect it to be an adventure full of laughs and good times. 


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