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Are you planning an adventure wedding just like Abigail and Ayden did? Then this blog is for you! We had an absolute blast running around Iceland with them, celebrating their big day. If you envision exchanging your vows amidst breathtaking landscapes, embracing thrilling activities, and celebrating your love with intimate gatherings, an adventure wedding might be the perfect fit for you. To make your dream adventure wedding a reality, then continue reading as I share the guide to follow when planning an adventure elopement!

Define Your Vision

Defining your adventure wedding vision and theme is the crucial first step. Discuss with your partner what adventure means to both of you and how you’d like to incorporate it into your special day. Is it hiking up a majestic mountain, saying “I do” on a remote beach, or perhaps exploring the beauty of Iceland like Abigail and Ayden. Understanding your shared vision will guide you throughout the planning process and help you create a wedding that truly represents you.

Set Your Budget

Adventure weddings can be exhilarating, but they can also be costly. It’s essential to set a realistic budget early on to avoid financial stress later. Consider potential expenses such as travel costs, permits for specific locations, adventurous activities, accommodations, and hiring a team of professionals to capture the magic. Research money-saving tips, opt for off-peak travel times, and explore alternative options that allow you to stretch your budget further without compromising on the adventure.

Choose the Perfect Location For Your Adventure Wedding

When planning an adventure wedding, location is everything. Consider your dream locations and the type of adventure you desire. Whether it’s the rugged mountains, serene forests, or exotic destinations, create a list of breathtaking destinations that align with your vision. Ensure the locations are accessible, consider weather conditions during your desired time of the year, and research any regulations or permits required.

Secure Permits and Legalities

As you plan your adventure wedding, remember that some epic locations may require permits or have specific regulations in place. It’s vital to obtain the necessary permits and adhere to legal requirements to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Research the permit process for each location and activity you plan to include in your wedding day. Additionally, take the time to understand and respect the local customs and traditions of the area you’ll be visiting.

Assemble Your Adventure Wedding Team

To capture the magic of your adventure wedding, assemble an experienced team of professionals who specialize in adventure weddings! Consider hiring photographers and videographers who have expertise in shooting in challenging outdoor conditions. This will help you have the best day ever feeling stress free! A planner familiar with adventure weddings can help you manage logistics and ensure everything runs smoothly. Communication and collaboration with your team is key to having a perfect day!

Plan Adventure-Filled Activities

Adventure weddings offer an array of thrilling activities that can be incorporated into your special day. Whether it’s a sunrise hike, mountain biking through scenic trails, or horseback riding along picturesque landscapes, choose activities that reflect your interests and preferences. When you focus on what the two of you love, that’s when the magic happens and how those moments will truly be cherish for a lifetime. However, keep in mind the skill levels of your guests and provide alternatives or adjustments for those who may not be as adventurous!

Select Adventure Wedding Attire

Selecting the right attire for your adventure wedding involves finding a balance between style and practicality. Consider the season and terrain of your chosen location when picking your outfits. For warmer climates, breathable and lightweight fabrics are ideal, while for colder destinations, opt for layering to stay warm. If you are planning on hiking or climbing mountains, a tight, form fitting dress may not be the best option. A great idea is to have a fun outfit change allowing you to have that form fitting dress when you get to your final destination but having something more free flowing to help get you there easily! Don’t forget to invest in comfortable footwear that will keep you going throughout the day as heals may not always be the best option! And most importantly, have fun with it – start thinking outside of the box!

Plan For Your Intimate Celebrations During Your Adventure Wedding Day

Planning for your intimate celebrations is an absolute must. It is so important to focus on moments that are filled with meaningful connections with your loved ones. This is the one day that is all about you and your love, so please make sure you are cherishing every moment and creating moments that you will remember for a lifetime.

A great idea for intimate celebrations is to have unique setups including the nature around you. Think: a picnic with your favorite cheeses and wine, hiking up your favorite trail together, or laying down in a field of grass looking up at the clouds – truly just enjoying the pure, special moments together. The possibilities are truly endless. One of my most favorite things about an adventure wedding experience is that you can create those cherish memories and moments so easily and effortlessly – just the way YOU envision. And, if this doesn’t speak to how amazing adventure weddings are then I don’t know what will.

Prepare for the Unexpected

While adventure weddings are exciting and unforgettable, they can also come with unexpected challenges. Be prepared to adapt and have backup plans in place. Be ok with rain coming or unexpected cold weather. Remember that it’s not necessarily about where you are but it’s instead who you are with. Everything can be easily adaptable as long as you remain flexible in the plan. Worried about the rain that may come? Bring a cute umbrella that you two can stand under during your vows. Do you get cold easily? Make it part of your adventure wedding experience and buy a blanket together and bring it with you so you can have something to remember for years to come. Embrace spontaneity and remember that sometimes the unplanned moments become the most cherished memories!

Create Lasting Memories

Your adventure wedding will be a day to remember forever, and capturing those moments through photography and videography is essential!! Find creative ways to preserve and display those cherished memories. I love when my couples create a wedding album, hang their favorite photos as wall art, or even make a video montage to revisit those beautiful moments throughout their journey together. Imagine, years down the road, on your 50th wedding anniversary and you get to see all of those moments captured by your photographer and videographer, sipping wine, crying together – sounds amazing right?


Planning an adventure wedding can be hard, but totally worth it! By following the steps above, you can create an unforgettable day that reflects your love and passion for adventure. If you are planning an adventure elopement or wedding, head over to my contact page so we can get in touch!


July 31, 2023

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A Guide To Planning Your Epic Adventure Wedding

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