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Peyton and Ben made all my schoolgirl dreams come true with this badass bridal shoot in Snow Canyon. When Peyton came to me and said she was thinking about doing their bridals in St. George I was instantly giddy. Honestly, I was a kid in a candy store when we arrived at Snow Canyon State Park. This shoot has been my ideal location for the longest time. Living in Northern Utah makes it hard to be able to get down south often and shoot in the ever-so-popular red rock. So being presented with this opportunity I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

This crazy cute couple met on mutual about a year and a half ago. Once they decided to make it official things took off rather quickly. They became best friends, fell in love, and the rest was history. To say these two have become some of my favorite people is an understatement. They are so easy to get along with, and always up for a good adventure or laugh.

My damn luck; just so happened to pick the worst day EVER to do photos in St. George. The Ironman weekend. If you know St. George, you know during the Ironman you get the hell out of dodge. The Ironman is St. George’s world championship triathlon aka the best of the best. I’m talking closed down roads, stopped traffic, and worst of all a closed Snow Canyon State Park. Yeah, you heard me right. They close the park since a big portion of the run goes through it. When I arrived at St. George and found out that tidbit of information I literally could feel my heart sink into my stomach. Lucky for us the park opened back up at 6, perfect timing. On our way out though, we were instantly met with dead stopped traffic. Even though we left early time was ticking and we were running out of sunlight. Peyton was such a great sport though and was willing to change locations if we needed. I was determined to get us to the beautiful red mountain peaks though. We arrived at our spot just in time. The sun was setting beautifully behind the mountains and while it was insanely windy the weather was perfect. Ben was able to do a first look with Peyton, and you could tell he was in sheer awe. These two were the perfect subject to this amazing backdrop and our timing made for the most intimate shots as there were minimal people around. As much as I want to say it was an incredible day for me, I am sure it was one these two will never forget.

If you are debating whether or not you should do a bridal shoot at Snow Canyon, I am here to tell you to do the damn thing! If you are here because you already booked a shoot there then let me just reassure how good of a decision maker you are. If you are just planning a trip to St. George and looking for things to do, be sure to put Snow Canyon State Park on your list. They have a ton of fun activities for both families and individuals, that will be sure to keep you well entertained. If you want to read some more stories of real couples be sure to visit my Couples Page.

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May 24, 2022

groom holding bride red rock

Bridal Shoot at Snow Canyon State Park

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