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There’s something truly special about candid moments in wedding photography! These are the unposed smiles, tears, and laughter caught on camera that, more than any posed shot, truly capture the magic of such a special day in the couple’s life. Candid moments are the unguarded instances that reveal genuine emotion. Unlike posed shots, which are planned and often repeated to get the ‘perfect’ photo, candid moments are spontaneous and unique! They capture the essence of the wedding, the joy of the couple, and the happiness of the day. There’s an authenticity to these moments that’s simply unmatched!

Capturing Candid Moments in Wedding Photography

The Essence of Candid Moments

Candid moments in wedding photography are all about capturing the real and raw emotions of the day. These are the moments when the couple forgets they’re being photographed, the instances of pure joy, of quiet reflection, of nervous anticipation. Each candid photo is a unique representation of the day. It’s these snapshots of authenticity that give a wedding album its heart and soul!

Capturing Authenticity in Wedding Photography

The beauty of candid moments is that they reveal the true personalities of the couple. A laugh, a shared glance, a tear – these aren’t just photos, they’re stories! I remember a wedding where I captured a candid moment of the bride and the groom’s first look before their wedding ceremony. The emotions in their eyes told a story of love and joy and that was more powerful than any posed shot could have captured. I love capturing first looks, and intimate moments of the wedding day in a candid way so the couple can cherish them forever!

Building an Emotional Wedding Story

Candid shots aren’t just about capturing individual moments, they’re about building an emotional story. They reveal the real connections, the raw emotions, and the love that fills the wedding day. One of my clients once told me that it was the candid shots that they cherished the most. Because they captured the feeling of the day. That’s the magic of candid photography! And that’s why I love capturing them so couples can look back at them and relive the emotions of such a special day in their lives!

The Art of Blending Candid and Posed Photography

While candid moments hold a special place in my heart. There’s also a place for posed photos in a wedding album. The key is to make a balance, to blend the authentic with the artful. It’s about capturing the spontaneous laughter and tears, but also taking the time to create beautiful, posed shots that will be cherished for many years to come. As a photographer, my job is to tell a story. A story that combines the real, the raw, and the beautifully posed.

Kailah Page | Candid Wedding & Elopement Photographer

 If you’re planning your wedding and looking to capture those candid, authentic moments that truly represent your unique story, I’d be honored to be a part of your special day. I love capturing those unscripted, heartfelt moments that make a wedding truly unforgettable – genuine laughter, tears, and glances. Each wedding is a beautiful and unique story waiting to be told and I aim to capture it in all its raw beauty. So, don’t hesitate to reach out! Can’t wait to hear from you!


March 5, 2024

candid photo of the newly engaged couple - wedding photography

The Beauty of Candid Moments in Wedding Photography

Kailah Page


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