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I recently had the pleasure of photographing an exciting and adventurous western mountain engagement session. Set against the stunning backdrop of Storm Mountain in Utah. The vibrant couple, Emily, and Tyler, brought with them a contagious energy that was impossible not to capture!! Emily and Tyler, who recently moved from Texas, have a profound love for the mountains, which was a significant factor in their decision to move to Utah. Their passion for outdoor activities is infectious. From hunting and fishing to skiing and snowboarding, they are always looking to embrace and enjoy what mother nature has to offer. This made their engagement session that much more fun! Come check it out below to get inspired for yours!

T & E Beautiful Western Mountain Engagement Session In Utah

Their engagement session was nothing short of an adventure!! First, we navigated the rugged landscape of Storm Mountain, breathing in the crisp air, and the beautiful sunset. Every photo is certainly a reflection of their adventurous spirits and the love they share. Their genuine laughter and the way they looked at each other, made it clear that they are deeply in love. It was an honor to capture these intimate moments, which they can look back on for years to come!! Last but certainly not least, the scenic beauty of Storm Mountain provided the perfect backdrop for our photoshoot.

The mountain’s rugged beauty, combined with Emily & Tyler’s adventurous spirits, resulted in a session that was as memorable as it was beautiful! This engagement session was more than just a photoshoot. It was a celebration of Emily & Tyler’s love for each other and their shared love for adventure. I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of this special moment. And, I look forward to capturing more of their special moments in the future.

If Emily and Tyler’s story resonates with you, if you’re drawn to the raw beauty of nature, and if you and your partner share a spirit of adventure, then I would love to be a part of your journey. Don’t just let your special moments pass by; let’s capture them together in a way that’s uniquely you! Whether you’re planning an engagement session or a wedding, or simply want to document your love, I am here to help. Connect with me today, and let’s start creating memories that you will treasure for a lifetime!!

Kailah Page | Adventurous Engagement Photographer In Utah

Come see more of this amazing mountain engagement session in Utah below!


January 15, 2024

beautiful couple holding hands and smiling at each other

Tyler & Emily’s Mountain Engagement In Utah

Kailah Page


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